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That’s an attractive piece of Ham

November 14, 2012

@Dragonboat Race! (June 19, 2010)

…five seconds later.

These two pictures of us are my favourite out of the entire album! Now that’s an attractive piece of Ham.


Ham is going to kill me when he finds out about this….

Well at least I’ve got another month to have fun with this. 🙂



November 13, 2012


A little back story: my former roommate, Marlena, used to say that Ham and I (Tuna) reminded her of Gollum from J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”. Why? Because Ham and I have problems with “confrontation”. That means that whenever we have a problem with someone, we generally ignore it and act as though nothing is wrong. Obviously this is horrible but we can’t help it. Actually, Ham still denies that he has problems with confrontation and “talking about his feelings”. Anyway, Marlena says that we must have so much hate pent up within ourselves that she could totally imagine us crawling into our corner every night and acting exactly like Gollum…. Y’know, hissing and muttering to ourselves.

Don’t worry, I don’t actually do that. But who knows about Ham?










(Translated from french to english: “Nerd! You can be that, but I am not a “Gollum”. I have never seen the film.”)

For some reason, when I received his reply, I thought it was just the funniest thing. Even just rereading the email exchange ten minutes ago, whereupon I decided that it was ham&tuna blog worthy, I still thought it was the funniest thing!

Now, I suddenly question whether it is “the funniest thing”.


Sneaky Sneaky

November 12, 2012

Dear Diary,

Ham has no idea what this blog even looks like.

For almost a year now, he has been plaguing me to give him the URL. Every once in a while, I would say, “this moment is blog worthy” or “I already wrote on ‘the blog’ about what you did yesterday” when in reality, I never actually did those things. He kept telling me that he wanted to add to the blog too – y’know, since it was supposed to be “our” blog and he wanted to give the world his perspective. But I kept telling him “later” or “one day soon”.

The truth is, the blog didn’t actually exist until yesterday.

Signing up for the blog….

Literally 21 seconds later… woah, a new blog!

I have been leading him on for the last year… pretty sneaky eh?

Anyway, now that I have so much time on my hands (click here to find out why), I’ve decided to make the Ham&Tuna blog a reality. I think it has the potential to be awesome – just look at the super cool header I made at 1am! Soon, I will give Ham the URL and he’ll find out about the elaborate “lie” I have been telling him all this time…. Oh well, he’ll give you the inside scoop.

Your fish from the sea,